Supernatural Fanfictions!

With me rewatching Supernatural, I've been itching to working on Supernatural fanfictions. I have one started called Hellfire. This is going to be based around Season 2 of the show. Then I have two fanfics on here that I've started but never finished. The first one is called Take Me to Church and I have no idea what season this was going to be based off of. I don't think I wrote it for any specific season. Then the second one is called Wrong Side of Heaven. I think this was season 10. Season 10 is when Dean turned into like a full blown demon right? Honestly the seasons have blurred together. And I haven't watched it since mid-way through season 10. I lost interest and life got in the way. Now I'm renewing my love for the show by rewatching everything! By the time I get to season 15, it'll be on Netflix. So I'm in no rush to get to the newer seasons.

I also have another started on my google docs called Devil's Backbone and it takes place in season 4. I know my fanfics are all over the place season wise.

Anyway, I think I'm going to spend the day redoing Supernatural banners and working on either Hellfire or maybe one of the other three. Most likely Hellfire will be updated again today.

So off to photoshop I go.

August 4th, 2019 at 08:11pm