My apologies for my continued silence and lack of updates. Last Wednesday just before midnight we had a fire break out in our hallway where the dehumidifier that our landlord had given us (there was a but if a mildew problem in the hall) had some sort of electrical malfunction. Although the fire was contained to the hallway and dining room, there was water damage from the firemen's hose going throughout our office and smoke/soot damage throughout the entire house. My 6-month-old daughter's bedroom is black. Absolutely nothing can be saved.

So, basically, my husband, daughter and I have next to nothing at the moment. We're staying with my parents for the next several months. We had to give our bird to my husband's mom. Our cat's having to adjust to living with four dogs. And our daughter, frankly, is lucky to be alive. The fire started right outside her room. Thankfully, she was spending the night with her grandma - that's probably the biggest blessing out of all of this.

I'm hoping that, once everything settles down and we get some basic living supplies, I'll be able to work out a schedule with my mom and get back to my regular writing and updates on here. Sorry for any missed weeks or updates - it'll be hard for awhile.

To all my readers, thank you for your patience. Hopefully things improve with time.
August 28th, 2019 at 02:34pm