American Satan Fanfiction?

Since the site is still fucking screwing, I don't know how many people are reading this. Or how many people that are actually reading this like the movie American Satan. But here we go anyway.

I have no idea why but I've been formulating an idea for an American Satan fanfiction. If you don't know what the movie is, it's starring Andy Biersack/Black from Black Veil Brides, Ben Bruce from Asking Alexandria, Booboo Stewart of Twilight Fame (or Descendants from Disney if you want something less embarrassing). I'm just going to stick with those three because my story idea is going to revolve around their characters. Not sure who the romantic interest is going to be but the main female character is childhood friends with Johnny (Andy) and Vic (Booboo). I'm really thinking Leo (Ben) is going to be the love interest. Not entirely sure. It's between Leo or Johnny.

The story is going to be called Devil in Paradise. The female character is in the same boat as the guys are in when it comes and fame and fortune and how they got it. But instead of feeding into all those temptations, she's trying to hardest to fight everything. But soon realizes she's fighting a losing battle.

I think tonight I'm going to rewatch American Satan and maybe do a banner and hopefully start the story this weekend. I have no idea why I suddenly have an urge to write a fanfic about the movie, it's been awhile since I've watched it.

I'm probably also going to rewatch The Dirt so I can find inspiration to work on my Nikki Sixx fanfics as well as my Douglas Booth fanfic. I'm hitting walls when it comes to My Douglas fanfic. I should try that comic sans trick.

Anyway, I'm off to do something. Maybe getting into photoshop.
October 24th, 2019 at 10:58pm