2019 Reflection + 2020 Resolutions

No matter how much time has passed since I’ve been on Mibba, I always come back to post these. Doing this one a day early since tomorrow I’ll be with my friends for most of the day and I don’t think I’ll have time to reflect. So, let’s do this.

2019 was a year of change. I lost old friends and made new ones. I grew feelings for someone and now he’s one of my close friends. I came out to myself, my family and friends. I gained permanent employment after floating for a few months. I graduated with my masters’ in Criminology and Justice, gained muscle and weight, travelled without parents for the first time, had disappointing sex but also the best sex I’ve ever had. I also kissed twenty people this year (19 guys and 1 girl). I also went to a lot of concerts and didn’t drink for three months just to see if I could. Not bad, me.

It was a good year. Not the best, but not the worst. Right now, I’m not in the place I want to be but I have all the faith that things will work out for me, and I think with this and my determination to do well, I’m in a good place to succeed. I’ve been in a slump since realising I’ll never be going back to uni again and thus have nothing to back me up, and while I’m not sure if I’ve passed the slump stage, I’m willing to force myself to be there if that’s what it takes.

So with that, here were my 2019 resolutions:

1) Travel overseas. I’m really proud of myself for budgeting (for once) and sticking to it. I went to New Zealand late Oct/early Nov for 10 days with my cousin, and we had a blast. We stayed in a hostel and made new friends and I essentially learned how to fend for myself. I’m lucky enough to live with parents who pretty much do most things for me, so to be able to do things on my own is a really nice feeling.

2) Secure a full time job. The job I have now is part time but it’s permanent so that’s good to know. Even though I’m looking for a new job that’s in my preferred field, it’s reassuring that I have this job to fall back on should I need to.

3) Commit to my studies and be that studious ho. I’m not entirely sure if I achieved this so to speak, but I got a HD (the only HD I’ve ever received in uni) in my research project class. Research is not my strong suit so to see this mark pretty much made me bawl. I also graduated though, so I’m going to tick this off and say I completed this one.

4) No boyfriends until I get my shit sorted. While I did like someone in Jan this year, I never wanted to date him. I haven’t liked anyone since him, so safe to say this one was also accomplished.

5) Go bungee jumping. Achieved, TWICE. What a fucking THRILL.

6) Go skinny dipping. This is one I did not achieve, so maybe I’ll carry it on into the new year.

7) Watch a sun rise. Alright so during my drive into work I’d watch the sun rise, though I didn’t make an effort to go out of my way to watch one. But I saw A LOT of sunrises so I’m counting this one too.

8) Buy a Polaroid camera. Oops. I’ll buy one for myself on my 25th bday?

9) Master the use of chopsticks. I am not a master, but I did overall improve my skills. But I could definitely do a lot better.

10) Have more sex. I slept with two people this year. One lasted a minute and the other lasted too long for me to handle. Considering my average of sleeping with people is usually 0-1 a year I think I fared well in this department. Well, enough to know that if they ain’t big, they ain’t worth it sis.

7/10 fulfilled go me!!


1) Create a meal prep each week with number of calories to hit and try your very best to stick to it
2) Create a work out plan and stick to this also. Don’t push yourself too hard, but be aware that you can do more than what you think you can.
3) Secure a full time job in your field.
4) No boyfriends until you get your shit sorted. (Note to me: I know this one kinda sucks since you want a boyfriend, but you have priorities and men will only get your way. Trust yourself.)
5) No more traffic fines!!!!
6) Limit concerts / festivals to those you’ll get mad FOMO for if you don’t attend. I promise you, you don’t need to attend every event out there.
7) Write 100k words this year. It’s definitely more than achievable considering people can write 50k in a month but considering the relationship or rather, lack thereof I’ve had with writing this year, I should be able to accomplish this easily.
8) Master the use of chopsticks.
9) Bake cookies from scratch.
10) Write a list of everything you’ve accomplished and when you’re feeling low, tell yourself to re-read that list. You are capable of so much more but by not believing in yourself, you limit yourself to the opportunities out there. BE. THAT. HO.

What’s everyone else’s resolutions for 2020? I’d love to know!
December 30th, 2019 at 05:12am