So No One Told You Life Was Gonna Be This Way

Ugh. Legit the only way to describe how life has been lately. I've been pulling so much overtime at work lately, it's not even funny. I work at a 24 hour store and we haven't been able to keep third shift staffed, like people start and quit within their first week. Typically within the first three days. And it's been like this for a fucking month now.

We had two people quit this week alone, the first on Monday and the second last night. So basically we've all been killing ourselves trying to cover all these shifts; I've literally been working every day straight since the 8th and I don't have a day off until fucking Friday.

It's to the point that if the trend keeps up, I'm going to the zone supervisor about going back to being a twenty hour store. Why have a third shift if we can't keep it staffed?

And on top of all this shit, I had a panic attack, for lack of a better word, on Thursday while we were slammed. The guys from the fire station next door wheeled in a stretcher for this girl and although I had booked it to the back room the second they brought it in, I got fucking hysterical.

Apparently the sight was enough to trigger me. I flashed back to being 10 or 11 and watching my dad being wheeled out on a stretcher after falling in the bathtub upon overdosing on his pain medication. Fun times.

The fact that we were slammed at work (seeing all the cars in the parking lot) did not help my anxiety. Neither did people acting like fucking cuntbags over gas. Pro tip, do not try to prepay for gas if you're not at a pump and do not get fucking shitty with me because I cannot set a pump if someone else is already there pumping gas. I can't do multiple prepays at once.

In conclusion, work fucking sucks and I need strawberry margaritas with my favorite manager in my life.
February 17th, 2020 at 04:29am