Sims 4 Blogs!?

Okay so I miss doing Sims 4 blogs on here. I miss playing Sims 4 for a purpose than just playing to play it. I can't tell you the last time I did a Legacy challenge or any challenge really. And I'm just so into building at this moment so whichever challenge I do it's going to be based around building.

I could always do the Runaway Teen Challenge or the homeless challenge. OR I could have my sim for a flipper and go and bring life back abandoned houses or something along those lines. I could give that sim as tragic backstory and how she's about second chances because she had one or something like that.

I just really miss posting Sims 4 blogs! Would you guys be interested in seeing some of the houses I've built on the Sims 4? I know I posted pictures of my gothic tower not too long ago but I have so many other houses I've done since. That tower has really gotten me into building alot more.

I should really do a Sims 4 blog on Tumblr.

Maybe I will eventually.

Random blog over with!
May 9th, 2020 at 01:17am