Sims 4 Stuff!

I've finally decided to go back to posting Sims 4 stuff on here. It's gonna be official. I want to know what kind of stuff would you like to see my post? Would you like some challenges? Some building stuff? If you want building stuff, what kind of stuff would you guys like to see me do? Show off builds I've done? Some renovations of previous houses?

I do have a challenge/story line in my head. Or I might just turn Newcrest into a post apocalyptic wasteland. I'm really wanting to do dystopian vibes. A lot of storage container houses and shit like that.

I'm starting fresh. I've completely deleted all of my saved games. Sure some houses are going to be gone but I'll live. I saved my favorite houses on my library and they are on the gallery if you are interested. My name is Steffanee40hands on the gallery. I've gotten rid of my CC. It's been awhile since I've completely did an overhaul on my CC collection. And I've gotten rid of my favorite mod ever, Basementals which just adds real drugs and alcohol to your game.

I'm currently downloading some CC for me to start with and maybe get playing. I'm really leaning towards the post apocalyptic wasteland idea. Thanks to Strangerville, I can do that pretty easily.

Also who's excited for the new expansion pack? Eco Living is going to be awesome!

So let me know what kind of builds you'd like to see my do. Also let me know what types of characters you'd like to see in my Wasteland?
May 13th, 2020 at 10:09pm