Katsumi Tells All Scream The T.V Series

Scream the t.v series started in 2015, the premise was similar to the movies that started in 1996, you quickly learn otherwise, the series doesnt follow the storyline of Sydney Prescott or even have the same mask instead the story follows Emma and an urban legend of brandon james.

MTV does how ever keep a good story developed its campy and fun and keeps you guessing on who the killer or killers are much like the movie the show is based on, it also follows some horror movie tropes, predominantly white cast where the characters of other races are quickly delt with first this is a call back to horror movies from the 80s where charecters of color always die first, the series also has your promiscuous charecter who is also usally blonde and dumb, your jock, out cast and of course the horror buff who knows it all

Ratings where good enough for a second season which followed the same tropes and jump scares and even tho the killer was discovered in season 1 it turns out that wasnt the only killer in the sleepy town of lake wood, this season how ever deals one of the worst cliff hangers ever.

MTV promise it's going to answer the who done it in season 3, early on it tells us a new season is coming even tho ratings where not so great for season to. A year goes by and then we are told we are getting a soft reboot.

More years go by here it is 2019 and VH1 has taken it and gave us a soft reboot this time around the cast is a bit more rounded, staring people like keke palmer and Horror icon Tony Todd, the first season is set to be a 3day event airing two episodes each night giving us a total of 6 episode for this new season.

This new season does see the return of the ghost face mask we all know and love and the voice of roger jackson as the ghost face killer, and the rules are also back in a sense and that's a nice throw back to randy Meeks from the original movie.

While this show has a well rounded cast they fall a little off and the plot falls a bit short as it relies on jump scares and racism in a way, if your a gore fan this new season will please you.

If you are a fan of the movies and want something that's going to add more to the lore, this also falls short on that note, as we are introduced to a bunch of charecters who dont really like each other but are thrown together to try and survive, no charecter development is happaning and you dont get a chance to care if they live or die with the exception of two people even the main character you dont care about

This plot is centered around Halloween night so many years prior which to me sounds like a story right out of another famous horror movie.

About half way through the series you do get to see a bit of light for Elliott who is the main character, but still not a lot of development for him. The geek and the goth (the horror fan) are making huge strides.

The who done it of it all, is well executed, I find myself invested in who the killer (s) could be. One of the things is having a good red herring and this series is playing that well.

The twist they went with was wonderful, I'm a huge horror fan, and I never saw it coming till about 2 episodes from the end. All in all I'll give just season 3 a C- rating and the series as a whole gets a B+

I look forward to seeing a 4th season, and being entertained, till next time this is Katsumi signing off..
August 18th, 2020 at 05:52am