So...has anyone else checked out the General Forum lately? I think Mibba's been hacked. Seriously, guys, there are these crazy-looking spam posts on there. Long-ass titles, stuff about British Illuminati; like, wtf?

I miss Dujo so much. I never even talked to the guy, but Mibba is seriously suffering without him. And I freaking love Mibba. It's been my home since Quizilla started to tank back in, what? 2006? I survived the big Remodel and the various lulls. I've wandered away for lengthy periods, but I always come back. But it's starting to feel...not very much worth it? I've pretty much got a handful of dedicated friends and readers that I come back for, but it's just so sad to see what's happening. Even the admins are starting to disappear.

If I had access to the code, I'd seriously try to fix it myself. But I don't, sadly. Anyway, I guess I started this post just wanting to point out the hinky stuff going on in the forums, but got off on a tangent. Sorry about that. Just miss my Mibba, I guess. <3

Updatw: It's not just the General Forum. They're all over World and Politics, too. OMG.
November 20th, 2020 at 08:13pm