2020 Wrapped

So according to Spotify, my Top Artist was Rammstein. Shocker considering that I’ve been practicality listen to them on repeat since last December, lol. Thanks PhonoBarbiDoll for your Till Lindemann saga and reminding me of their existence.

My Top Song was Engel, which I also blame PhonoBarbiDoll for lol. According to Spotify, my first stream was on New Year’s Day and by March 19th, I hit my 100th stream...oops. I mean, I’m not surprised since I would religiously fall asleep to the playlist they made of their entire discography for months. It’s also the second song on what you could refer to as my stages of grief/depression playlist.

My other Top Artist was Dirty Heads, which I would also occasionally fall asleep to. Occasionally I’d listen to them to chill out at work when Rammstein wasn’t working. The first song of theirs that pops up on Your Top Songs 2020 is God Damn Liar, which makes sense. Reminds me of the last manager I had...but I digress. The next song of theirs, farther down the list, is Lonely For Me.

Unfortunately, Hollywood Undead dropped down to third place. I just haven’t been feeling them this year and their new songs don’t really excite me. Rounding out the list were Emigrate and the fucking queen, Britney Motherfucking Spears. I’m a 90’s baby, don’t hate.

My Top Decade was the ‘00s with Keine Lust being my top track...whoops.

If anyone is still around here and have Spotify, what does your 2020 Wrapped look like????
December 2nd, 2020 at 07:20am