Meet astro velvet!

Hey, howdy, hey! It’s me, ya boi, astro velvet. here! (*´▽`*)

Mibba, I’ve missed ya! I used to be on here all the time, and it’s been hard watching it be less active, and the site has issues that haven’t been resolved in over a year (Dujo, come back to us!!!). However, I still love Mibba and all of its wonderful glory (despite its issues, cough cough). I’ve decided to participate in the April Activity Challenge to get back into being more active on Mibba. If none of y’all are participating, I encourage you to join if you’re interested! If tasks aren’t your thing and you’re looking to get comments and read some new stories, join Mibba’s Round Robin Story Club!

One of the tasks in the April Activity Challenge is to post a blog (re)introducing yourself, so let’s get started, homies.


Hi, I’m astro velvet. but I go by M. I used to go by my name when I started writing when I was 13. Now, as a barely functioning adult, I prefer not to have my name attached with my work out of personal preference now. Well, I don’t have any work up (yet!), I deleted all my old work and thought of moving on from fan fiction, but she’s a tempting mistress that I can’t leave! Haha, so now I go by "M" if anyone wants to address me by something other than my username.

I’m from the US; I reside in Michigan. I am 21, going to turn 22 this year. I’m Mexican American, English being my second language and Spanish being my first.

I joined Mibba back in like 2013, in April. I started writing around late April, early May of that year. I wrote fan fiction for bandom (All Time Low, Sleeping with Sirens, etc.), specifically slash fan fiction. I’ve always written for bandom. The only non-bandom thing I’ve written was some Black Butler fan fiction. Impulsively due to some personal stuff in my life, I had decided to delete my work and stop writing. But things have happened, and my desire to write is coming back slowly but surely, so I’m hoping to do it again! Although, I think now I’ll be writing for different people than when I used to. I also probably won’t be writing slash anymore. I look forward to sharing my work again!

I still love the bands that I wrote for back when I was 13. I still listen to post-hardcore/screamo, but now I dabble also in indie, pop, punk, rap, etc. I love writing, but I also love drawing and singing. I used to be in a band, and I wrote so many songs, but we never did anything about it, haha. I love to read; I’ve been getting back into reading books since the pandemic started. I like young adult fiction, literary fiction, Black literature, poetry. I’d love to get back into drawing again and maybe make a comic book of the sorts to combine the two skills I have.

Below is a list of my five favorites of various things. Hopefully, we have something in common!

Favorite Shows:
ⅰ. Misfits
ⅱ. It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia
ⅲ. Pose
ⅳ. Rupaul’s Drag Race
ⅴ. American Horror Story

Favorite Anime:
ⅰ. Black Butler
ⅱ. Nana
ⅲ. One Punch Man
ⅳ. My Hero Academia
ⅴ. Demon Slayer

Favorite Artists:
ⅰ. Cherri Bomb
ⅱ. Harry Styles
ⅲ. All Time Low
ⅳ. The Maine
ⅴ. Of Mice and Men

Favorite Books:
ⅰ. The Outsiders
ⅱ. Their Eyes Were Watching God
ⅲ. Snotgirl (comic series)
ⅳ. Othello
ⅴ. The Color Purple

Favorite Movies:
ⅰ. Stand By Me
ⅱ. Jennifer's Body
ⅲ. Scream
ⅳ. Juno
ⅴ. Cruel Intentions

Favorite Songs at the Moment:
ⅰ. Cranes in the Sky - Solange
ⅱ. Missing You - All Time Low
ⅳ. Fine Line - Harry Styles
ⅴ. Fill the Crown - Poppy


If anyone posts an introduction blog, don’t be a stranger and link your blog in the comments, haha. I’d love to read them! And if anyone wants to make homies with lil ol’ me, I’m super down for that! Thanks for reading, have a great day! xo
April 18th, 2021 at 08:49pm