(Re)introducing me! american nightmare;

Well, hello there. How are you today? Seeing as you stumbled across this blog post of mine. Kind of here to reintroduce myself.

I joined mibba back in 2006, when a old friend of mine told me about it. I stayed on a while, then went off for the longest time. I rejoined back in 2015, when I met all my friends, and best friend that I have now. Back in 2006 Mibba was thriving and such an awesome place to be.

It still is, if members were more active. *sad sigh*. Anywho. Since 2006, I have married the love of my life. I have four beautiful children who I adore. I have had some health scares, still am currently. Lost both of my parents and my mother n law. Life sure has thrown obstacles at me, but it's made me stronger than what I ever expected.

Kindly, suck at these. But hey this is new me. I love making friends and talking and writing as well. Plus, I love music too. Welp, bye for now! Much love!
April 18th, 2021 at 09:02pm