Hey, howdy, hey! It’s me, ya boi, astro velvet. here! (*´▽`*)

Today’s blog will be a recommendation blog, as it is my task on the April Activity Challenge! Which, by the way, I encourage you to join if you’re interested. It does end at the end of the month, however, but it doesn’t hurt to do some tasks and get yourself a new rank! ٩(ˊᗜˋ*)و But something that doesn’t end at the end of the month is a lovely club called Mibba’s Round Robin Story Club! It’s great for earning yourself some comments and getting to read some new stuff!

Also, no pressure, but if anyone wants to be pals on here, totally add me! I’d love some new Mibba friends on here and see when y’all post stuff! Especially since Mibba’s site issues still won’t let us see recently posted/updated stories and blogs, I’d love to have friends and see y’all!


Since I’ve been just started getting back into Mibba and with the site issues going on, it’s been a bit tricky looking through stuff to read. So some of what’s on the list are more of things I read back in like 2013-2016, and some are some newer stuff!

Original Fiction:
Sam is Typing by kitagawa.
Losing It by sushitrash.
Querida by hiwagang hapis

Fan fiction (Slash):
Keen on Boys + Sent in Gray by andweheregoagain⋆ Austlan Cashby (Austin Carlile/Alan Ashby) College AU
Ghosts by ashisverymuchonfire⋆ Lynnexa (Lynn Gunn/Alexa San Roman)
The Devil Wears Prada by Forever Young.⋆ Johnlex (John O’Callaghan/Alex Gaskarth)

Fan fiction (Non slash)
The Alex Effect by kitsch⋆ Taylex (Tay Jardine/Alex Gaskarth)
Heartlines by kahlo. ⋆ Skins UK fanfiction, Grace Violet/Rich Hardbeck
Smirt + Eclat by kitsch⋆ Christofer Drew/Original Female Character

White // Brown by sushitrash.
men who like to f*ck you by softgirlsclub
Writer by VixL


If anyone posts a recommendation blog, don’t be a stranger and link your blog in the comments, haha. I’d love to read them! And if anyone wants to make homies with lil ol’ me, I’m super down for that! Shout out as always to sushitrash. for making my blog layout! Thanks for reading, have a great day!

xo, M ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ
April 21st, 2021 at 04:12am