Help Her to Move On

I finally did it. After six years, I finally buried my dad’s ashes in the family cemetery in Kentucky on Tuesday. Originally, the plan was to do it on Monday because it would’ve been his 60th birthday, but Tuesday worked better. It was just a small thing right there in the cemetery with his cousins, me and two of my friends.

The only one that prepared anything speech wise, was his cousin’s husband. He read a passage from the bible (I believe) and even though I’m not religious, I still broke down and cried behind my sunglasses. I apologized for taking so long to bury him then I asked my childhood best friend to speak, if she wanted to.

She did, saying that he had been like a father to her (right in the fucking feels). And that he was a cool guy. She obviously hadn’t planned on speaking, but whatever. I closed with saying to shine on you bright crazy diamond and that he was free as a bird now.

And then I proceeded to bawl in the safety of my other best friend’s car while singing along to my depressed bitch playlist on Spotify on the way to the restaurant. Shout out to George Ragan of Hollywood Undead. You always know how to rip a bitch’s heart out.
July 16th, 2021 at 04:39am