August + Goals

August 1, 2021

It is officially a new month. I never really thought to treat new months like new years until I became part of the Mibba community. So, in honor of that just want to set some goals like I used to when this place was bubbling with activity.

My August Goals:

1. Finish one book.



I know giving myself a month to finish a book might be too generous. But I must admit that I have been having trouble reading a book like I used to when I was say, in High School. So, rather than set myself up for failure…I’m giving myself more than enough time. There are 31 days in August and I’ll be more than capable of completing this goal as long as I don’t ignore it altogether.

I already have the perfect book to read thanks to Maddi here on Mibba. I downloaded Wuthering Heights and it’s going to be the book that I’m going to set my intentions on finishing by the end of this month.

I love, love, love, romance stories. Especially classic ones. So, I’m sure that I’ll be able to complete this goal.

2. Write in my journal every day.


This is something I was doing consistently once upon a time until I stopped out of the blue. I want to get back to writing again and I think the easiest way to do this is to document my thoughts. Not only do I think it will be healthy for me as someone who is a overthinker, but also documenting my life is something I’ve always been keen on doing. I’m not the most exciting person and I don’t live the most exciting life, either. And I’m not pretending to. But at the same time, journaling is a source of therapy in a way that nothing else can be. So, yeah. I think I’ll be able to do this pretty well. 31 days of journaling. As long as I don’t get lazy, I should be able to accomplish this goal.

3. Take a 20 minute walk every day.


Well, I’ve wrote about how I’ve been insecure since gaining weight from my bipolar meds. Now that I’m off of them, I want to try to lose it and be healthy. Which means taking walks and getting out of the house in general. I think I should do this even if I don’t lose any weight, because since I’m no longer working I don’t really move around as much as I used to. So, I think taking a twenty minute walk will be healthy all around. Even if it is inclement weather, maybe I can put on a twenty minute walk indoors video or just set the timer myself. So, I think this is doable.

4. Watch Friends, The Gifted, and The Office.


So, can I finish these shows realistically in thirty-one days? Probably not. But can I at least get through a good chunk of each? Probably, yes. I told Hina about this, but I want to watch these shows so I can connect with my friends that I don’t see anymore who I made when I was in the Military. I also want to text them if I have a genuine reaction to the shows, etc. So, that way I can bond with them more. I think I can do this goal, because it is simply watching TV. Which is fun in and of itself. I just have this habit of rewatching shows I know I like rather than trying out new ones. But I want to connect with my friends, so I’m going to really give these shows the go.

5. Love on myself.


This goal is pretty vague, but I know what it means to me. And I really want to take this month to help build myself up instead of tearing myself down like I did last month. Whether that be just simply not eating Hot Cheetohs everyday or chewing a bag of gum. Or not talking bad to myself. I just want to work on myself and give myself thirty-one days of loving myself instead of hating myself.

So, those are my goals for the month of August. I’ll probably update in September how I did. Hopefully, I’ll do good. And if you’re reading this…maybe revive old Mibba and post your own blog of your August goals!


Until next time,

August 1st, 2021 at 01:30pm