People Suck!

Okay so I know, long time no blog. It's been a rocky 2 years. We'll get into that some other time. Right now I need to vent about coworkers.

If you know me, I work in an animal hospital. I've been at the same clinic for almost 7 years. I work mainly kennel with some technician abilities. But this story is about one of the girls that currently work in kennel with me. The one girl, constantly calls out. Like the last month I've covered her shifts at least once a week. I came in on my day off to cover her shift. She's the reason why I've gone into overtime hours so many times this last year. Yes thanks to her I have pretty good paychecks but it's been taking a major toll on my mental health. This girl worked this morning and went out on her lunch at 1. She was supposed to be back by 2. Didn't show. So when I thought maybe she read her schedule wrong and waited until 3. Again no show. And at this point, I'm supposed to be going home. My manager comes back from her lunch and she didn't hear from her either. I flat out told my manager that if I have to cover for this girl tonight, I'll have a mental breakdown. My boss told me I could leave. I stayed a bit longer to finish cleaning up my area and an other area that were effected by sewage backup, because of course sewage would back up on the day after a full moon. So after that was done, I left. Because I can't keep saying yes to shit. This is something I need to work on as a person. I love all the girls I work with. We are a very dysfunctional family but still family. I flat out told them I'll cover for you guys not the girls I work with in kennel. The girls I work with in kennel are the reason why I'm severely in burnout mode. I'm always covering shifts for them but when I leave early ONCE, I get attitude and shit for it. And any of my call outs for the last 2 years have been because I got fucking Covid!

I feel like I work my ass off and no one appreciates it. I had two people come at me about problems I can't fucking control. I'm clearly already stressed out and they come at me with problems that are so low on my totem pole. Like read the room. I took a health quiz on burnout and it told me I was severely burnt out. Like no shit. I've been in burnout mode for almost a year. And this is me coming off of a very much needed 3 day weekend. I felt fine and rested but that quickly went to shit.

I've gone through a lot of shit this past two years. I think I might need to start seeing a therapist. Atleast to help me navigate burnout.
March 8th, 2023 at 10:56pm