Work and Other News

So I worked today for the second of four times I will be this week. It sucks because I have to do Thursday night (late night shopping) and Sunday which are both reeeealy long shifts, but I need the money for MCR in 23 DAYS!

It was mad fun but me and Bec (manager) we mucking round being dickheads and Jamie thought we were immature and then I was out the back eating ice cream after I changed the container over. Jamie was giving me evils for eating it, when it would have just got chucked in the bin anyway, so Bec came out and was like “ohhh rebellll… Mango’s, Mango’s, Peaches”. That’s our song we sing it and have a dance to go with it and everything. Jamie was all cut because I didn’t get in trouble.

Then me and Annie got a free large Choc Mint Shake, t’was rad.

In other news, I got half tackled and dragged down the corridor outside of Geography today. I think I must have bumped Weed (Luke) on the was into the class room and he grabbed me and dragged me like 20m to the lockers and sat me down on a chair opposite and made me say sorry. Then he dragged me all the way back to class.

He’s rad though Weed, parents are making me go to the dam on the weekend and I hate the damn because I don’t like how I look in swimmers. But I will just hang out with Weed and his step brother Neville (also called Luke) because they are rad.

The only problem is JB will be there, I have known him since I was 4. But over the last 2 or so years he has changed… or I have changed I am not sure, but either way he is not nice anymore. He always goes on about how I sacrifice goats and shit. Not cool. Maybe me and Weed can attack him with water bombs or something…
November 7th, 2007 at 03:06pm