English teacher= dog. Yr co= rad.

So I have this teacher and you know how people saythat a particular teacher hates them and it is oh-so-clique. Well this one actually has a passionate hatred for me.

Yesterday she had a made phyco at me. Even though there were about 10 people sitting on the floor talking and istening to ipods, another group in a corner, the people I was talking to and randoms just walking around and in and out. But no she got angry at me. She tok my fucking ipod [which was Shalisa's not mine because mine doesn't have the new Cobra on it].

I was so fucking pissed and I might have lost my temper a bit so I went back in after the lesson and tried to talk to her calmly, she started yelling (something about Neville being on top of me- he was squashing me with his chair, asif I wanted that) so I wasn't going to take that so naturally I yelled back. I walk outside to find my entire class had waited for me "So you didn't get it back then" said Matt ipod hanging from ear.

So today aparently she had told Gaiter (the year 10 coordinator) and asked him to talk to me (ie punish me) this is the resulting conversation:

Sir: Emma what's this I hear about you fighting with Miss Millian?
Me: I didn't do anything to her sir.
Sir: She said you were rude and yelling. And Emma a teacher is allowed to take your ipod.
Me: No they are only allowed to take the hadphones because they are so expensive.
Sir: Okay, but what did you do?
Me: I did the same thing as everyone else. No work, we don't learn anything from her and she took my ipod when about 10 other people had them in AND they were sitting on the floor.
Sir: She said you were sitting on the floor.
Me: Not for the whole lesson like heaps of people only for like 10 minutes because Matt was throwing pens at me and Neville stole my chair.
Sir: So why did she only complain to me about you?
Me: Because she is a bitch.
Sir: Emma? *reproving look*
Me: She is sir, she fucking hates me. One time she sent me out for sneezing. I hate her.
Sir: Hate is a strong word.
Me: yes it is and it is the word I am choosing to use.
Sir: Okay, well you don't have her anymore and in future be nice.

He's fucking rad, he knows I am a good kid and only get in shit because I stand up for what I believe in. He could have put me on a green form ut no he is nice. Like last time I got timed out he didn't even make me do the form and he never filed it so it doesn't look like I did anything. He's cool like that.
November 27th, 2007 at 03:18pm