My Chemical Romance LIVE!

So I went to My Chemical Romance on Friday the 30th of November. Their Sydney show, it was fucking the best ever. I got killed in the mosh, I was so close to Gerard, I met a fucking Mibbian and I was squished by a mob chanting 'Toro, toro, toro'.

I had to catch a plane as it was the last day of exams and my gay school would not allow me to miss them. Which in it's self I thought was exciting. We were so loud (me and Jess my friend who I went with) the whole waay there everyone on the plane could hear us. The plane was delayed heaps though so we didn't land untill 8 and there was a 2 hour wait for a taxi, luckily Jess's mum had a mate who could pick us up.

So eventually we arrived at the show. We missed the whole of The Getaway Plan, apparently they were shit anyway. We saw most of Circa Survive I think they spelled lilke that. To me they just sound like a ripoff of Motion City Soundtrack- and wasn't it Geard who said 'we are so sick of people ripping off our friends bands, doing a watered down version of it and getting rich'... oh well. I did make a friend in the mosh though, he name was Amanda she was rad. We bitched about shitty moshers together and talked about other shows we had gone to (she had seen The Killers)

Finally they came out. It was amazing, Gerard looked like a GOD! Mikey had his hair all long and he was flicking it around all awesome like. Frank was there and he had cut his hair short again so it was radness. Ray was on fucking fire, brilliant, just OMG that kid can play. The Thursday drummer was heaps good too. DESERT SONG!

I loved it, even though the mosh pit wasn't as good as the FOB one because of the ferrals it was just amazing. Seeing them, him, the music, the voice everything. I could feel the fire burning my face... it was awesome.

Then afterwards I met a Mibbian. Anneliese [The Brightside]. It was fucking rad. She called me a scene queen (my life goal). It was cool, I freaked her out a little but she would have expected me to be all hyper and shit. It was just so cool to see her in real life.

I took like 4864906150 photo's, about 4 of which aren't all blurry. One is on my profile check it our and please don't claim credit for it.

December 2nd, 2007 at 07:52pm