This is the new enviroment-friendly way of travelling, haha

This is an example of how I like to spend my spare time on scouting activities.
Note: I do not know how to say everything with the right words, like, the word 'guides' and stuff. I hope you know what I'm talking about =')
We made a sailing car, 'cause it was almost storming outside, lots and lots of wind, and rain too.
Like I said, this is on a scouting activity, so don't mind our clothes, bad clothes to get dirty (and in this case, very very wet)
The vids make it seem like the thing doesn't go very fast, but believe me, it does.
It's crazy and extremely fun :D

I know it seems our 'guides' are pulling the car-thingy, but they're just keeping it on the road. The wind always blew us to the left (right on the vids), so they had to make sure it'd stay on the road. They had to run after the 'car' a couple of times, it really had a mind of its own, too much wind =')

First try, (I'm on it, thank god you can't see that ='))

Third try or something, I dunno anymore (It's got me running in the beginning, don't mind my clothing, much rain and wind, and my way of running ='). The "wow"'s at the end came because the thing went fast all of a sudden, and we had to run ='))

Again, with me on it. This is like, the minute nothing happened, the wind gave up, and then not much later, A LOT of wind came ='). Scary moment, since no one was steering us and our 'guides' tried running after us =').

The blue spot's my bestest friend, I'm on the right of her =')

I hope I'll get the pictures sooon :D

That must have been one of the best things everrr =')
December 4th, 2007 at 04:29am