My Chemical Romance Live in Singapore

We were there!

“A bunch of American Cowboys in Singapore. Everybody say yeehaw.”
"Look at all you motherfuckers,you're beautiful"
“We’re gonna be fucking so hard tonight, you can't walk tomorrow”
"All the boys in the house,I want you to scream. Now take off your shirts and swing them in the air like fucking animals you are,"

Gerard is one beautiful swearing sailor:D

Halfway through the concert...
"I don't care how much fucking fun you're having. You see someone fall down you pick them up"
Gerard cares about his fans. He's not arrogant,he's firm. He has awesome stage presence as well:)

After queing up for hours and getting lost. It was all worth it. Sadly i did'nt get to be in the moshpit. Then I could be so close *big,big eyes*

Don't tell me music cannot be life. Don't tell me music is'nt a religion. Because you're fucking wrong,with mush for brains. You don't know how it feels,screaming out " I am not afraid to keep on living" with a bunch of other people,and actually meaning what you say. You don't know how it feels to be so close to someone you've looked up to for so long.

That,is the best thing ever.
December 14th, 2007 at 08:18pm