Who's interested in me proofreading their stories?

Ok, i started this a while ago, but I got banned from journals... but now i can post this.

Just for my own twisted and weird enjoyment, I would like to edit your stories! :D I would read whatever chapter you want, or even all of them, and then I would mark places with bad sentence structure, bad grammar, incorrect spelling, or just any suggestions I would think would make your story better and more fun to read.

Now, if you ARE interested, keep in mind that i am just suggesting changes. you don't gotta change them if you really don't want to, or if you spelled a certain word or wrote a certain thing for a hidden reason. I would just be telling you my opinion... what I think would make your story sound better. You don't have to make a single change if you don't want.

another thing... i'm currently working on four stories that people asked me to edit, plus three of my own. Not to mention the fact that after I post this, I will most likely get floods of requests from people wanting me to edit their stories. I really have no problem being this busy, especially since christmas break is coming up so i'll have lots of time :D but please be patient, it might take a while.

I will send you the suggestions chapter by chapter in an easy, neat, dummy proof system that even the most idiotic technologically challenged people can understand =]

so please PLEASE let me know if you are interested :D i'd be happy to help! good bye!

-Saint Ember
December 20th, 2007 at 10:09am