I'm 12 on the day after christmas!

Yay! I'm 12 years young today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG GO ME!!!!!! I'M AWESOME! :D

You can tell I'm hyper.

I had 120 dollars and 24 cents to spend today at Towson Town Center today! I spent all but 56 dollars and 80 cents after eating at Rainforest Cafe. I got crabcakes and two orangesicles.

I bought:

From suncoast, NMBC black t-shirt, Jack Skellington/NMBC mints

From Hot Topic, Gir totebag

From the Rainforest Cafe store, stuffed wolf that I named Wolfgang

From Waldenbooks, J-14 Yikes! magazine, Burt's Bees Guava lip shimmer

I recieved:

From Dad, Skelanimals slippers, NMBC buttons, black sparkly crop South Pole zip hoodie

From Grandparents, shiny Route 66 moccasins/flats, soft black zip hoodie,purple ruffly t-shirt, shiny red purse

On Christmas!

From Mom and Stepdad, 50 dollars

From Dad, black light, 48 glow sticks, glow marker things, Black Parade jacket (<3)

From Grandparents(dad's side), Hannah Montana doll(Imma save it and sell it 30 years from now), black outfit which was sparkly tank top and black sweatpants, black boots, NMBC wristband with Shock, Lock, and Barrel, NMBC REALLY WARM wrist warmers, snowflake socks

From Grandmother(mom's side), lots of clothes, ducky bath stuff, Aloha by Virgin Mobile, A Fever You Can't Sweat out by Panic! At the Disco(which I am listening to as I am typing), The Black Parade CD, Deluxe Edition two disc NMBC soundtrack

And lots of other stuff! Including two black pillowcases, a flowershaped pink pillow, and cat phone holder.

I had a very merry christmas and a very happy birthday!
December 27th, 2007 at 10:21am