Again, troubles with dad...

I don't think I've talked much about my family here before... Anyways... I live with my mom and my dad, and my sister... well almost, because my sister only lives here about a month out of a year, since she lives in Brussels, Belgium(and fuck do I miss her sometimes...). Anyway. My parents can be okay people, I mean they are much better than what I have heard from other people, but my dad... well he's super strict and he has quite a quick temper too.
And I'm serious about the quick temper, it's not just my opinion. I can understand the fact that he's always tired and always stressed with work and everything, but the guy needs to just lay off from time to time... If I do anything wrong, he screams like in the next second. If something is just slightly wrong. If something isn't perfect. He'll scream. A window is open an inch too much - scream. A piece of lace on the floor unnoticed - scream. A bad mark, and I mean one, scream and then endless sermons. I've gotten the bad mark over a month ago and he still reminds me of it at every given occasion. Whatever I ask of him, he does it, or he gives it to me, but not without reminding me about the low mark. A low mark on math, at the worst of the teachers ever. The same mark as the rest of the class. He won't hear it. It's a bad mark and that's it.
So... besides such things and exaggerations and super-extra-short curfew, he can be alright. Pretty open-minded and generous and intelligent... but sometimes I just hate his guts. This summer, while on vacation, I kept going out with my friends. Initially I was told by my mom that my curfew is 11 pm. And it was okay, because everybody else had the same curfew. But, after a while, my dad decided that it's too long and too permissive so he simply said that 10 pm, and that is too much anyway. And the reason he gave me, after a long while, was that "good girls don't stay out that long" and also that he is worried about me if I stay out that long. The first reason, I think you all agree is totally ridiculous and out of the last century... and the second one is, again, badly put. Because, if I came home at 11, I'd be accompanied by at least 5 other people every night. If I came at 10, I'd be alone - and obviously less safe.

But that is in the past... because he's been transferred with work to another city, so he only comes home every two weeks. The thing is, he's home for the holidays, including New Year's, until the 7th of January. Which sucks so much. First, because he will sure make a fuss about me wanting to go to a party on New Year's Eve. He'll want me to stay home with him, mom and a couple of their friends. A 16-year old kid spending New Year's with people that are at least 30 years older than me. And second, because he'd be home for my birthday, on the 4th of January, which means I can't have my party at home - he'd hate my male friends and forbid me to go out with them for the rest of my life.

And the New Year's Eve party would be so nice and so much freakin' fun! All of my friends, at Julia's house, we would be all alone, allowed to drink, and jump, and head bang and simply do whatever we may want... But that dream is really fragile, because he could simply just say "No."... But I don't care. I'm just going to inform him, when I'm dressed and ready, that I'm going to a party. He's slow to react when he's put in front of the situation without previous warning. Is that a good idea?

And for my birthday... well that is going to need a lot more thinking to do.... Any ideas of a nice party, that could possibly NOT cost too much? Please? Any suggestions are great. I'm talking of about 15 guests, 4 of which not suitable for my parents to see(long haired metal head loud boys, which my folks would hate and possibly kick out of the house).

Anyways... I think it's another long journal you probably haven't read... but in case you did, I need your advice. I need it badly... I'm so bummed at the idea that I might miss an awesome party on Monday for the simple reason that my dad wants me to stay at home.
December 28th, 2007 at 05:46pm