Blood is thicker than water

I have an idea for a story, which I don't know what to do with.

The story is called 'Blood Is Thicker Than Water'

First of all, I should probably tell you guys what the plot is

The story is about a family. The oldest is a girl, followed by a boy, then twins-one boy and one girl, and then finally a yonger brother. All of them are either mid to late teens or in their early twenties. THeir mother and father are dead. They don't know how or why their parents died, but it was several years before the story is set.

This family lives in a suburban house in Seattle. They seem normal but really, they have some terrible and dark secrets. The oldest girl and guy have taken it upon themselves to be the head of the family, kind of like the mother and father. they try to keep up the facade of a normal family and do their best to look out for the others. The twins are totally out of control, they do whatever they want ,whenever they want and seem to share a bizarre, even sick bond which none of the others seem to understand.

The youngest brother is troubed by his family and tries to find comfort in strangers. He spends his time at sleazy bars fucking random girls to try and get some sense of normality or escape. Nothing seems to work for him and he seems to sink further and fruther. The oldest girl notices but can't get through to him. Eventually she asks for the twins help - they may be out of control, sinister and semingly uncaring people, but they could always get through to the youngest boy, they always seemed to help him out.

However, behind the nice facade that has been built around them, lies a horrible and terrible secret. You see the oldest two boys going out and kidnapping strangers and then keeping them locked up in their cellar. They seem to be torturing and eventually killing tese strangers and then draining their blood and feeding the flesh to their dogs. What they do with the blood nthey drain and keep, we don't know.

Okay, so this story is pretty much like 'The Hamiltons' but its really different too. I may decide to put some celebrities in the family (it's fiction remember?) or just use my own characters. Can you guys tell me what you think, if i should post it and any tips.

January 4th, 2008 at 08:01am