So..Am I the only one who doesn't hate my family?

I I the only one who doesn't hate their family/friends/life on here?

All i read are journals ranting about their family...or ranting about their friends...or ranting about their life...or ranting about other people on here.

Or...all i read is people whining about their family...or whining about their friends...or whining about their life...or whining about other people on here.

Come on guys....have some individuality. I have some problems with my family. Do you see me ranting about them? No, I don't think the whole world needs to know, and I don't need the whole world's advice or sympathy

I also have some issues with some of my friends, But i don't go on and on and on and on about it to people who are basically strangers to me.

Sometimes my life has a turn for the worse and I feel down. I don't go on about how depressed I am.

I understand that some people on here actually have clinical depression and I really sypathise with those people, I know what it's like and I have friends who have it. But it really fucks me off when peope have a bad day, feel sad and down so go on about how depressed they are.

Anyway...I know thats rather hypocritical. I just kinda did what I was complianing about (as far as the ranting about other people goes), but I was directing it at a wide section of people and felt I should make my point.

:D have a good day and hate on me till you're all out of hate
January 6th, 2008 at 06:32am