Oh, no, not again!!!

Okay so it's 17 minutes to 11 in the night which means I have exactly 9 hours before I set foot again in the forsaken place that is the National Highschool I attend after 2 blessed weeks of vacation.
This makes me feel awfully bummed[no, not depressed, I do get depressed but I don't deem this a reason good enough. Or whatever.]
I'm so mad, I'm like I don't wanna go there, please don't make me.. It's just that.... Man, it's hell. I actually have the first two hours with the worst teacher this planet has seen. Two hours, the first two classes of this year, horrible, impossible to understand, math with the only person in the world I honestly and truly hate, and the most obnoxious teacher I can possibly imagine.
I know this sounds like I'm complaining like the idiot that I am, but it's really that bad. I have to go and sit there for 7 hours, and be ready to face the teachers without the homework I was supposed to do. And to walk down the corridors with my hangover-seeming face being ready to hear the ever-so nice "Dark and drunk" they seem to adore using when they refer to me when I'm tired. Yup. Dark and drunk, nice to meet you. I'm not dark, nor drunk.
Anyways... this is turning out way more complainful and ranting and childish than it should have had, and my mind just can't get herself together to write something coherent and intelligent at all.

So I'll continue ranting. Hope you enjoy it. If you don't, all you should know is that I don't care all that much because I enjoy the typing - it relaxes me - and I just have to get it out.

So. Imagine you study Intensive Math and Computer Science. When all you care about is Literature, English and Art. Yes, hellhole and horrible, horrible choice. I do believe, I do, that choices define our personalities, but you see, this wasn't entirely my choice. On my moment of weakness, my family did nothing but try to influence me in the way they considered right. So now I'm stuck for at least another 6 months into this dead end I can't stand. I have to deal with strict teachers, longer hours, and subjects I detest.

I'll explain the Romanian schooling system later, just ask.

Now you might understand a little bit more why I am so reluctant to going back to school after 2 weeks of doing stuff I like, such as reading and writing, and doing photography, and partying and going out and listening to music, and everything a student from Math-Computers isn't supposed to do.

I'm actually not sure I can handwrite the numbers I'm supposed to do tomorrow at Math class.

Thank you for reading this ridiculous rambling. And... any kind of advice that makes life easier in the first day of school?
January 7th, 2008 at 03:58am