Item One: Gigs/Shows

I'm seeing:
Bullet for my Valentine later this month
Elliot Minor in April
Aiden In march
Mindless Self Indulgence (not sure when yet)
The MIghty Boosh (fuck yeah)

Item Two: The House mates
Bobby's girl is pregnant
Emily is strangely missing with Ridley, they've been gone now for about 5 days and haven't been seen by anyone
James is gone too, but he's only been gone for 4 days
Ben graded in Kung Fu and is teaching a weapons course
Paddy swallowed a drawing pin
Louise quit smoking

Item Three: Love Life
I got back with Paddy a couple weeks ago. We went out like, a year ago. Smiley face. He's a great boyfriend to be honest. I can't decide weather I'm bi or not. I'm not gay, and Patrick is the best, and I really like him, but somehow I can't seem to decide weather I'm straight of bi. It's confusing and a little pointless to the most of you.

Item Four: The family
It's the anniversary of my brother's death tomorrow.
My baby sister, Ellie, who's two has just been diagnosed with leukemia
My mother who's late forties is now six moths pregnant

how are we all today?
January 19th, 2008 at 12:18am