I Should Be Depressed

I'm not
should I be, really?

Its the anniversary of my bro's death.
My baby sister just got diagnosed with leukemia
My 53 year old mother is now six months pregnant

my boyfriend swallowed a drawing pin. <---thats more funny than anything else though

My cousin and his girlfriend, coincidentally one of my best mates are arguing about something. THis is bad 'cause they're like...the uber awesome couple. And they are both so incredibly stubbourn they probably won't give in to this for a while. if at all. It sucks to be honest. Tehyr'e moody, pissed, rumpy, sad, angry, annoyed....you name it.

But i'm not depressed,. I'm actually fucking happy. it's good. And i get sex.
January 20th, 2008 at 03:17pm