Sex Ed, my friend

I tought a sex ED lesson as part of a Student Teacher thing at school today. It was pretty awesome to be honest.

I went in and yelled really loudly that evryone should sit the fuck down or I'd make them. Being as I'm a student, i can hit them and not get sued! They sat-ish. I hit a couple people, much to my supervisor's dismay. It was the class with my couisn .Ridley, his girlfriend and my friend, Emily, my boyfriend, Patrick and another mate, Gemma in.

I wrote on the board: SEX ED. HOW TO. WHEN TO. WHY TO. WHAT TO.

it kicked ass

I talked about sex scientifically like they made me first and then i started talking about straight peopel, bi people and gay people. I got some 'ewwwwws'. For that, i handed out gay porn as a text book type thing. I got more ewwww. Then i threatened to do a practical on gay sex. They shut up.

I got my couisn up to the front and decided asking him questions about his sex life would be a great way to have some fun and laughs;

"Ridley, you've had sex, right?" - moi

"...Matt....duh...i live with you!"

"Just wanted to tell the nice people! So, who with?" he looked wierd and then answered

"Em, Courtney and.......james" he said james very quietly. I didn't know that fact until then. I was like :O. People were like 'whoooo!' 'ewwwww' and 'LOOOOOOOLLLLL'

"How often do you have sex, ridley?"

"AT least once a day. Depends if she's up to it" points at Emily. She laughs and flips us/him/me off

"so, ever had a threesome Ridley?" He went red as a fucking tomato

"uhh...yeah" He muttered


"*cough*......lots of times...."

"when was the last time and with who?"

"Matt, I'm not fucking answereing this shit!"

"do it, or I'll tell the class myself!"

"fine, yesterday, with Emily and James. Happy MAtthew?"

"very". then he sat down. it was great. the teacher wasn't pleased at all. I handed out condoms at the end.
January 21st, 2008 at 10:06pm