wiL Francis and Matt Leone

I met Nathan Leone. Everyone seems to have met him :D

I was at the bristol Kerrang! gig, but my mate passed out and I had to drag her out of the pit. It as during coheed so it was near the end and i took her to the medic centre, and Nathan turned up there. We had a brief conversation whilst Gem was still passed out, and then Ridley and Em turned up and got photos with Nathan then he left, Gem was gutted that she didn't see him ::D

Then as we were leaving, we were goping to my car and Nathan was walking by
he said "hey"
we said "hey!"
he said "see you when we're here next?"
And I said "Yeha, probably...if we can get tickets"
he said "alright, see you around"
and left

it wasn't really a big deal. I met wiL Francis last year at Taste Of Chaos. I was drunk, with a half empty bottle of tequlia in my hand and was wandering round trying to find..something, i can't remember what, and I saw Emily and ridley and grabbed them and they were more drunk than me and we ended up wandering round backstage or smething and then I crashed into some guy, and knocked not only myself and him to the floor, but somehow dragged Emily down with me.

Anyway, the guy was wiL Francis and he said
"what're you doing here?" something like that
I said "trying to find the bathroom" (still not realising who the guy was, he was shirtless too *sigh*)
Aand Ridley butted in "no, the exit" but he slurred it big time
and wiL was like "well ,let me take you three to the bathroom, yeah?" and like, put his arm round all three of us and guided us somewhere
*Stranger is taking me somewhere unknown* never crossed my mind, I still hadn;'t notcied who he was. Ridley and Emily were almost supportng one another, pissed as fuck
He lead us to this bathroom and left us and when we went out he was there and took my tequila and Emily's Vodka and said
"no more okay?" so we nodded and then it dawned on me who it was and I was like :O
and Ridley noticed and said something like "wil francis?" and he nodded and said he was going to take us outside for some fresh air.
So went wet out and he lighted up, so Em was like *yeah cigarettes* and lit up a rather crushed cigarette.

So then we all lit up and had light conversation with wiL about something and then he said
"the gig's over, do you need to get going?" and we said yeah and we got pics and he sighned my jeans and MEily and ridley's t-shirt

It was awesome, but i can barely remember it

no one read that, but i felt the urge to write it
and I'm sick so i was sick at Kerrang! and it sucked big time. Oh and if someone read all that, i take back the statement two lines up. :D
February 1st, 2008 at 09:56pm