No Metallica or Maiden tickets.

I found out that Avenged Sevenfold are going to be the starter band for Iron Maiden when they come to Norway this summer. And months ago, my dad told me that he'd take me to see Iron Maiden when they came back to Norway, because I didn't get to see them last time.

Of course, Iron Maiden are coming the month I'm going to be visiting my mom. In Indiana. You have no idea how bummed I was.

Yesterday, he asked me if I wanted to go see Metallica, too. But when will they be playing? The week before Maiden. I nearly cried when I found out that two (well, three, including a7x) of my favorite bands were playing in Norway, two weeks after each other. And I wouldn't be able to see either one of them! But I didn't take it as bad as my friend did, because she did cry. She came to school crying, because she had spent the last two hours on the internet and by the phone, trying to get tickets. She failed.

Of course, 20 000 tickets were sold out in an hour. But two hours... God, people. Why do you have to like Metallica? I felt really bad for her.

Iwas am pitying myself, too. But don't tell anyone.
February 4th, 2008 at 10:13pm