Catastrophes of the Cheese Variety

I'm a little bit bored. Well, I'm extremely bored. Everyone's out but me, since there are builders working on the house so there has to be someone inside.

The tv was broken earlier so I can't use that. Soooo....

Anyone want to write a story with me?
Or even just talk to me?
Or ... just... do..something! I'm SOOOOO BORED!!!

Okay this is spam I say so I'll say something worth while.


I broke my Ipod on the halfpipe. I got an A on my Drama coursework. I've been thrown off my English course. Which sucks just a little bit but I had it coming.

I'm going to see Aiden next month. Then Elliot Minor in April. My Band got a couple of gigs in a bar a few miles away. I graded to Brown Belt with Black tag in Kung Fu.

I think that was worth wile.

February 24th, 2008 at 09:02pm