Hopeless much?

So I felt like arguing with myself and typing some stuff, but I'm officially too exhausted to actually update a story, so I'll just write a journal, since it's been over a month since I've posted the last one, and, ah, I'm getting the feeling that it's too long.

For one, I haven't felt more exhausted in months.
I qualified to the county(region around my town) phase for three subjects in the Olympiad - contest - thingies. English(1st place, thankyouverymuch), Romanian, and French(an undesired 1st place, tie with a former classmate).
I've caught a pretty bad cold that makes me wanna sleep.
My math teacher is haunting my dreams.

But enough whining.

I'm a wee bit furious here. All kinds of wrong things that are happening around me make me feel all frustrated, because I can't do much about them. Like the dumbass kids Romania currently has, kids that don't give a goddamn about culture, they have a system of values that is so disgusting, it makes me wanna shove their heads into the toilet, for example.

To them, reading is some kind of yucky thing freaks do, and even the mandatory books that they are supposed to read for school, they avoid with their lives and read summaries on the Internet instead.

They would do whatever for getting marks, except for actually learning things.
Their values are so depraved, it disappoints and it infuriates me. They can't give a rat's ass about anything else except some efemere moronic "fun" they have in clubs. From the age of 13-14.

Ranty-ranty-ranty, I know, but I'm sick and tired of being the older chick that doesn't enjoy Allegria(Spanish-named trendy house music club in my town) to the kids around my place.
March 7th, 2008 at 08:05pm