is it my fault if i hav a friend tht i hate?

thers a friend on my street and i always hav to be nice with her but if i be mean to her she will get everyone agenst me and its not fair! she is just a cockey bitch (sorry for my language) and she is just a pain to be around! i always try to stick up for maself but wen i do tht everyone wont be my friend. how not allowed to her best friend wich is my friend but she dusnt like tht so she has to hav her all by herslef and it really bugs me so i cant hav her friend (i think u hav no idea wot im sayin here but so wot) the mean 1 is called jess and the 1 i cant go near is called jasmine. luv ya all out ther and thnx for readin it! c ya!
March 13th, 2008 at 06:27pm