Do you believe in the paranormal? Cause I do!

A lot of crazy shit is going on in my sisters house. Today i thought my niece Josie was jumping on the sofa (i was looking at the living room from the corner of my eyes.) and i told her to sit down but she was still jumping and when i looked to in the living room no one was their just my nephew Jr who was on the floor playing with his toy trucks i mean i could see him. I told my sister what i saw and she was like "no Josie was with me in the bathroom cleaning up the water mess that she made ". I though i was going crazy for a while. Then i was playing with my nephew Jr. in the hallway and i saw the something but it was looking over a little club house they made and again i though it was my niece but she came up behind me from her room.

And then at my cousins booby new house you get this feeling that someone or something is watching your every move. When i walked in the house i got this bad feeling like something bad happened there. My cousins girlfriend asked the former owners why they were moving out and they told her that a girl went crazy and slit her fathers throat open. And they showed her the article from the paper they found in the computer. I told her i had a bad feeling about the house before she asked and she was like "you have feelings for every house" and i was like "no just the ones that feel like the house i watching your every move" Then that same day some old woman came and told me a guy just disappeared when he was living or i think it was visiting someone in that house. I just gives me chills on my arms talking about it and thinking about what is going on this past week. With all these thinks just popping up out of know where.

This stuff alawys happeneds to me a least 5 times a month.

Why ME?

so what do you think am i going crazy?
April 2nd, 2008 at 01:03am