Story Updates...

Are coming. I know i haven't been on here in AGES but seeing as I moved WAY sooner than I expected that's why. My PC isn't close to the internet, so I'm using my sister's and it's slower than molasses in an Alaskan January. And it won't accept my flash drive without going spazz on me. So I am doing updates and working on a new, different kind of story (for me anyway)m so please keep checking. Spanx.

On a home note, my ex is a fucking retard who can't figure out why I'm angry at him. I know a year isn't a long time to some people, but when you date a guy who's last GF spent most of her relationship at college and never talked to you, it's a big deal. And yet he can't figure out why I get upset when he treats me like we were never anything but friends yet I'm moving out of his apartment. What a fucktard. Seriously. Anyway...PARTY ALL NIGHT LONG, BITCHES!!!
April 14th, 2007 at 01:04am