Help! I've tripped and I can't get down

Who likes the new Bullet album?
I do, it's good

Who likes Elliot Minor?
I'm seeing them tomorrow

I'm bored right now. All the journals here seem to have some major issue behind - bullying, depression, boy issues. I don't have an issue really, I just want to talk to some people.

Basically I'm just asking a bunch of questions, see above :

Anyone think Bam Margera is the fucking bomb?
I do, he's amazing :D

I'm a bit slow, i only realised it was Gerard Way's birthday yesterday, today. Even with the tonnes of journals there were apparently about yesterday. whoops, I'm slow.

So, can you guys check out the one shot I posted called 'Hero', my mate wrote it for her English assignment and it's really good.

thanks :D
April 10th, 2008 at 10:17pm