What did you do for Gerard's birthday?

Well, I had a mini party. I invited three people: Haliegh(Define Normal), Melissa(Final Nightmare), and Dana(she's 9 and doesn't go on Mibba). Me and Haliegh were wearing MCR shirts. Mine was the I Destroy You tee, with gas maks and the logo and torpedoes, and Haliegh's The Black Parade Repeat tee, which had the MCR logo a lot of times and "The Black Parade" cut into it. Dana and Melissa weren't in My Chem shirts, so, of course, I made them wear my two other ones. Dana wore my Father Time one, with death in front of a big clock and the logo above it, and Melissa wore the one I got at Projekt Rev, with the logo in red on the front and blood splatters all around it.

I made a sign that said "HAPPY BEDAY GERARD" among other things. Those other things included: 31!, APRIL 9, 2008, some hearts, and MCR. I taped it to my recycling trash can thing. I plugged my stereo into an extension cord and put it on top of the recycling bin. My friend Hannah is borrowing my Revenge CD, so we listened to Bullets and The Black Parade. Mostly Bullets. We danced. Dana didn't want to, so I pried her off of the chair AND MADE HER DANCE! Yay! I had let go and she got back on the chair, so Haliegh go her back off and spun her around. Dana's legs hit the extension cord, unplugging my stereo. "Nice, Haliegh!" I said. I plugged it back in and turned the stereo back on.

Later, I brought out my black face makeup that was from Halloween and a paintbrush. First, I put a band over Melissa's eyes, then Haliegh's, then mine, then Dana's. Melissa made a tape stencil of a square and I painted her a square on both her hands and up her right arm, then I put one on my knee(my jeans had holes in both knees). Melissa said we should parade around, so I went to find something baton-ish. I got the black rose I used on Halloween. Our formation was me in the front, Dana behind me(but beside me too), and Haliegh and Melissa in the back next to each other. We started walking, singing Welcome to the Black Parade. When we got to the back of the trailer park, we had to turn around, and we started singing Teenagers, even singing the "shit" in the chorus. Before and after the parade, in my yard, we waved and said hi to cars, and also saying stuff like "We're insane! We're freaks!," smiling the entire time. They gave us funny looks :]

When it got to be about 6:40, we remembered we were going to make a cake. I asked my mom if we could, and she said no because there wasn't enough time. We stayed inside and played the dare game. many of the dares included kissing or licking my posters. One of the weirdest things I did was lick my deodorant o.o

Haliegh had to lick Avril Lavigne's foot, Melissa licked the bottom of her own shoe, and Dana... I forget.

I still had some unopened Peeps from Easter. They were green! It was a pack of five, and beforehand Haliegh told me that I should have a Gerard Peep(I gave Melissa some opened yellow ones). Everybody got a Peep, and there was one left. I put it in a little wicker box that I have with shells on it that look like flowers, cut out the picture of MCR I found at the library(which you can read about in my journal "WOAH. o.o") and put it inside next to the Peep, and cut another piece of small white paper and wrote it green and black, "Gerard's Peep =D".

7:30 came around, so Melissa and Dana went home and Haliegh called her dad. He came around 8.

Overall, my Gee Day was awmazing! Even though we had the MSA's....

How was yours? What'd you do?
April 10th, 2008 at 11:25pm