my life is so boring.
I get hurt at school.
My friends never talk to me.
i just watch the world go by.
And now im trying to get a spider off my window.
i dont like to kill them
i just dont like them.
i hate my hair it goes in my face all the time
my friends think i am addicted to touching my hair,
my dad wont let me wear eyeliner with big swirls.
he thinks i will get beat up.
im really untidy with my bedroom i call a hole,
and i have never kissed a boy. (thankully! i dont want to aswell)
people think that i am fat and has got loads of freckles
i fall over all the time
i dont have a best friend, i have loads of friends,
im not funny, or smart or cool
my family is way too stressy.
i act like a 11 year old.
im boring, with no personality.and i have to sleep with a light on.
i know you might be laughing at that, its because i get freaked out easily.
i only go on my laptop and my family shout at me for doing it,
i listen to what my friends are always listenin to,
i just became an emo and my friends think i am a wannabee
i wish i was still in primary school,

and that is all about it

if you laugh at any of this, i dont mind.

but please listen
all of your lives are amazing!
you must have great friends you can trust,
nice parents,
good teachers
and i warm heart.

not me.

thanks for reading

i hope i can trust you all on mibba
April 14th, 2008 at 06:00pm