Sex before Marriage

Okay, so I don't normally post journals about anything that means anything really. just pointless ADD shit really, but this has been bugging me alot and I felt like a)venting and b)seeing outsider's opinions on it

Okay, this is a journal about sex, turn away if you're under-age :D:D

Okay, me and everyone (all my housemates, if you know me at all you'll know I'm on about) were out in the park, minding our own business, and this group of people, I guess they were all late teens, I'd say 18 and above, came over to us. We all like to meet new people so we started talking to them, but they seemed like they only had one thing on their mind. Pretty soon they told us they were a Christian group visiting Momnouth. I don't like religion, but i have nothing against people who are religious, it's their life.

Me and my, ehem, close friend, Ben were sat together, ehem, acting...normal. Emily (one of the best people ever :D) was sat kinda on her boyfriends, James and Ridley. James was kinda, wrapped over and around his boyfriend and girlfriend, Emily and Ridley. Ridley was wrapped over and around his boyfriend and girlfriend, Emily and James. IT was a little, inappropriate, i guess.

So anyway, the christians asked about me and Ben, and not for lying, we told them exactly what we were doing and they could go fuck themselves if they had a problem with it. They told us it was disgusting and wrong and that we were going to hell for "indulging in sex before marriage let alone indulging in homosexuality" - their words not mine. I wanted to deck the religious bastards.

So before we could even start yelling they turn to the James-Emily-Ridley thing and tell her (not so much the boys) that she is a whore and that she will join myself and Ben in hell for being impure and having sex before she was married. Oh, and that having sex with the both of them was infidelity to either one of them and that was "another mark against her". Then they told James and Ridley the same speech they had given me and Ben and also that they would go to hell for "absuing a woman as they had done" all i can say is WTF?!

Then as we started yelling and being the group of people we are, they said "what would you do if she became pregnant? You would flee like the immature little boys you are" once again, more of their words. And she jumps in telling them that she'd fucking have an abortion, but she's not stupid, like the, and uses contraception.

The rest was just boring. What do you think about sex before marriage. and gay people, bi people, sex before marriage and all round threesome relationship things?
April 27th, 2008 at 02:38am