To All Mibbians

This is to every Mibbian.

To every Mibbian who felt like they didn't have a place in this world.
To every Mibbian who wanted to, or have harmed themselves.
To every Mibbian who felt like they weren't beautiful, that they weren't smart, that they weren't talented.
To every Mibbian who wanted to scream and shout because their hero couldn't hear you.
To every Mibbian who felt more alone than ever before, because their best friends lived on the other side of the world.


From the bottom of my heart, I want you guys to know that you are worth something.

Do you think people like the guys from My Chemical Romance, Green Day, Panic at the Disco, the Used, Fall Out Boy or whatever band takes your fancy felt like they were on top of the world all the time?

Heroes don't always come from mega rich families. Or beautiful towns. They didn't always feel wanted.

But they got up and make a stand, yeah?

We're anything but perfect. Fuck, I would know, I'm pretty much the world's most weird, sarcastic, ugly person.

We are the new generation. The new generation of rockstars, scientists, journalists, surgeons, politicians, lawyers, psychologists, philosophers... everything.

And you know what? We're going to fucking rule this world. We are going to be the ones protesting on the streets, taking a stand. We are going to be the ones making even more discoveries, pushing the boundaries, being the talented authors to narrate the aging world... we are the next thing.

People like Johnny Rotten from the Sex Pistols grew up in places where there was nothing going from them. Jesus of Suburbia type characters grow up into the people that will make a stand on this world.

Old people will boss you around and try to tell you what to do. You might be one of them one day. :tehe: But you need to stand up for yourself, embrace what you believe in and make a mark on the world.

Every member on this site will change somebody's life one day. Whether it be one person's or one hundred thousand, they will do it. I can guarantee it.

I'm hardly one to talk, really. I post confessions saying how shit at everything I think I am, how I'll be alone forever, how I cannot stand the dickweeds I am forced to go to an up itself private school with.

But in the end, everything will fuel my rage, fuel my love, and make sure I don't waste away my life, not making the mark I should have.

We might only get one life, you know.

You Mibbians are all special, you all mean something, and you will all be something that your heroes, or I will be proud of.

You are the future.

Don't waste another day.
April 30th, 2008 at 12:50pm