Well today i just found out that my co-signer for my loan to pay for school disclosed it so now I'm stuck trying to find 16,000 dollars for school. If you know where i can get grants please write or leave a comment it will help me out a lot.
My co-signers wife who is my brother-in-laws niece wrote me on mysapce and told me this:

"hey I'm sorry i got dragged out of bed being yelled at about a paper that came in the mail and said that Daniel was going to have to pay loan if u dont and it had it for ten yrs and he wasnt happy for it to be on his credit so he is doing what he can to get out of it hes didnt agree for that to be on his credit for ten yrs I'm sorry i told u that it got personal he was going not do it and those people got personnel and i dunno i dont want u to be upset with me i m sorry thats just Daniel he sorry but hes dont know u like that to do this hes going to press charges on me for signing his name and thats what those people told him to do to get out of it he sucks so please dont be mad at me i love u guys to much for u to be mad at me call me later "

So i though it was my responsibility to apologize for something i didn't do the bank did it. when i took him my sorry letter he was really bitter but like his wife said he's an asshole. He tried to do this once but he didn't pull out cause the bank made a mistake so he didn't disclose it but now he is so I'm stuck looking for grants and scholarships.
May 8th, 2008 at 07:48am