my crush could've died.

My crush, Bob was attacked 3 days ago by two other boys in my grade. Apparently they both do drugs, and that really freaks me out. They tackled Bob to the ground and threatened him with a switchblade. I was crying when i found out the next day, i was so scared. the two boys are now arrested for assault and drug abuse, and the day after they attacked Bob they attacked another boy i know, so they face two charges of assault, one got bailed but the other didnt.
There are some peaple who are badmouthing Bob, but he really doesn't seem to care. I do, but it might be because A.) I know I love him, and B.) I've had a lot of peaple badmouthing me before for 7 years until i moved. I was so shaken about it. Peaple in my school are also saying that the two who were arrested and charged dont deserve it, yet they attacked him for no reason and threaten to kill him! I knew those two were bad, I just didnt know they were that bad. Even Bob seemed like a completely different person when I talked to him the day after, I hope hes ok. I know that there really is nothing I can do to make him stop feeling like that. He's still very different, even though if anything all he has is a bruise from hitting the ground, if that. He is quieter, and he's not making anymore stupid and funny jokes, even if some of them are really perverted, I wish he would tell them just to prove he's still himself, I hate seeing him like this, It scares me.

When I first saw him he still looked really shook up. I was so close to hugging him, right there, telling him he would get over it, and letting him know that I love him. Almost.

I realize that I should tell him how I feel, because I really might not get another chance. The thought of not seeing him around anymore, Him never smiling the way he does, just thinking about that makes me feel sick. He could have died less than a week ago. He is going out with his ex-girlfriend though.
May 9th, 2008 at 08:47pm