stupid emergency room.

Ok, im angry so i need to rant.

I have been in pain since 6 pm last night. so i am in a generally bad mood. Then, I dont eat anything, and my mom takes me to the emergency room, They get me in fast, because its a slow day. I get in at 11:15 after waiting 15 mins. they ask me to pee in a cup. yes. I had to give a urine sample. They spoke to me like i was two. then, after i was done with the cup i had to wat like an hour and a flipping half to actually see a doctor.thats about an hour and 50 minutes right there from getting to the place. then the doctor comes in introduces herself, and because the pain is in my abdomen, she asks me to lay flat and she starts pushing my stomach to see where hurts more, i was in so much pain i could hardly talk. then she says i have to give BLOOD SAMPLES! im scared of blood AND needles. so then the nurse comes in, and im holding my moms hand because its right in the crease of my elbow, and i cant even look at my arm where shes stabbing me. after shes done, i look over and see she had THREE VIALS! Why three? why not one? I couldnt feel the lower part of my arm and my fingers were purple. my mom had to leave at quarter to two, because she needed to get ready and go to work. and so she leaves the doctor says that if i take some pain medication they might be able to figure this out faster. By the way, they deliver those meds. by NEEDLE! and it doesnt even do anything. a while later at 3:30 I find out that its absolutely nothing that they can see. Im so pissed!and since it was 3:30, i was starving i hadnt eaten at all because they wouldnt let me. damn im pissed off. its 5:41 and im in pain. still. except my elbow still hurts.
May 11th, 2008 at 11:42pm