Don't come between me and my drink!!!

Sick as I am (healthwise, not mentally least so I keep telling myself), having the rest of the week off work, I strolled to Post office to pay a bill, and considered buying myself a looovely bottle of 2006 Shiraz on the way back in Liquor Land.
Picked one out, thinking of pampering myself, which was $17.95, went to the check out, and a young, zit-faced barely 18-years old dude seriously had the nerve to ask me for ID!

"I am 26!"
I replied, thinking he must be friggin' joking me. Ok, truth be told, I didn't have anything on me apart from my bank card and the bill I had just paid, which never happens, I ALWAYS drag my bag with huge wallet around for no reason even if I don't need it...and the one time I don't,
I am asked to show ID!

"Yeah, but it's school holidays, so we are a little careful, Sorry, can't sell it to you"

I was almost blowing, but then thought 'fair enough' I just gonna go back home and get my European driver's license(which is a little laminated card, with stamp and picture and all) and went back up the hill, already frollicking the thought of a rather nice glass of good wine. Went back to the wine shelf, got the same bottle of wine out again, went to check out and smiled at the dude. He looked at the card and at me

"Sorry, but we don't accept Student ID's as official Proof of Age!"

He said, smirk on his face! I freaked:

"This is an official, European Driver's licence! And this is not the first time you served me, and this is the FIRST TIME you ever asked me for ID...and now you tell me my driver's license is no good!!!"

Well, that gitt knew better then bringing a german/polish woman, 6 months shy of 27 years old, about her drink, and said
"Oh, ok, sorry"
and bagged the wine.

"Pack of 25 BH Smooth as well" I added, pulling out my money.

"Now you're pushing it a little" he said, but still putting the smokes in my bag.

WHAT THE FUCK!!!!! Where were those people when i was 14 years of age, buying bottles of vodka, going clubbing, smoking!?!? It seems a curse! Ever since I turned legal drinking age(which was 16 when I grew up in Germany) people keep asking me for ID when i wanna buy alcohol!

"You should take it as a compliment"
I keep hear people saying, after having produced an ID...but WTF...could any of you seriously name a school kid who'd pick a bottle of wine over the amount of $5??? It was a $17.95 bottle of wine...arrrghhhhh!!!!!
I'll just be drinking this wine now...sweating from having to walk up and down that friggin hill twice now...maybe I'll find sweet revenge one day...and one thing is sure:
I WILL FREAK OUT THE NEXT TIME SOMEONE SAYS "take it as a compliment!"

Your wine-drinking friend,

Proverb of Hell
May 13th, 2008 at 02:12am