A7X gig last week

Yeah, so I pretty much gonna have to handle all my friends laughing at me for the rest of my mortal life, for going to see A7X last Wednesday...I still blame it on the fact that Bullet For My Valentine and Atreyu were supporting...I mean, A7X are not that softy(especially looking at them buff guys in it), but hey...my friends are like me: listening to Black/ Death Metal, and Grindcore! To them, anything that doesn't have Blastbeat in it is EMO ROCK! Soooo...yeah, had to go by myself...and the last time I did that was Finntroll in Germany, and I ended up getting kicked out coz I was too drunk and started hitting on my fav friend and tourmanager Joey, lol,...damn bouncers, even had a press pass "AAA" and he shoved me out...so yeah, going to a gig by myself usually ends up in me being drunk and disorderly...what's new! I was buying a beer inside, thinking "Sure why not, paid good money for the ticket, why not check out Atreyu!"...but as soon as they announced a song called "Bleeding Mascara" I made a run for the outside and started smoking...and drinking...smoking and srinking...etc...until some handsome dude hit on me...hell yes, and I swear he must have been at least 3-4 years younger than me! A girl my age, getting married in 2 months, don't usually get that much male attention no more, usually coz me man's hand is firmly around my waiste/shoulder all the time. Aaaanyhow...dude was cool, but I seriously couldn't let him hit on me no more...so I left him stand there. After a good while went back in...FINALLY A7X were about to start! Was soooo looking forward to drool over handsome Zacky...even had considered just elbowing my way through all them teenagers at the show
(I swear, I must have been one of the oldest people there) in order to jump over the fence, go up there and molest little Zacky a little...but hey, I'm a lady(haha, funny that one!) so I decided to stay further back...which was good...Zacky "Heartthrob" Vengeance was dressed liek a complete nerd...HELL...whoever picked out that outfit for him deserves a smack, or even punch!...So yeah, gig was great, after all, they were better on stage than the last time I have seen them(back in Ireland a few years back) so it was worth my time...though I do have to admit I was very proud of myself, that I was able to still walk straight after so many beers and wine, which made me decide to round up some of my friends to meet me at a bar after...haha, think I went to bed at 6am, dreaming of Zacky...less the nerd-costume, lol...but hush...don't tell me man I dreamt of Zacky!

Think I'm crazy? I might have to agree!
May 13th, 2008 at 04:20am