No wedding waltz at my'll be a wedding mosh!

Yes kiddos, you heard me! Gimme a "HELL YEAH!"
Picking up my wedding dress from dress maker tomorrow, finally finished after alterations...anyone having an idea where I can hide it at home, otherwise me man will snoop around?! Only 2 months and 1 days to go...YIEEKS! We gonna do lotta planning this weekend, finalizing wedding menu and my flowers, seating plan,...and lemme tell ya, I must love him a lot if I agree to having this huge friggin' wedding! I wanted Registry Office, but man insists on big wedding...75 guests! Now, just coz I listen to metal don't mean I cannot wear an ivory wedding dress, chest-hugging and wide mom is gonna die when she sees me, even considering a veil, justfor the drama, haha, and coz I am OH-SO-INNOCENT! But hey, my walk-on song is gonna be Billy Idol's "White Wedding" (haha...I am serious!) and after the "I do" we gonna play Metallica's "Orion" . Music all day will be metal, so our families prolly gonna get a heartattack at some stage...but we DID warn them, fair and square! Plus, my family always knew I am not NORMAL, my mom still thinks I'll be growing out of metal one day...KEEP DREAMING MOM! 40 people will be family members(only 6 from my side, mom, sister, dad and his new wife are coming all the way from Germany, and 2 South African cousins) and the rest are all friends...metal heads and punks,'ll certainly be an interesting day! If I am able to, I'll post a pic of my wedding dress soon!
May 15th, 2008 at 03:32am