I am shaking so much

Me and my man went out...fun night. With friends...some x rated stuff when we got home. Sat in lounge aftre for a smoke...(he had to go to work at 4:30am), when someone rang the doorbell at 4am...now, none of our friends, no matter how drunk, would do that! At least not without calling before. We ignored it, thinking someone got the wrong door bell(seen that we live in an apartment builing). We still sat at sofa, when weve to open up for him hear that someone was climing over the fence, and then started kicking the backdoor(from side of small carpark) in...not once, but repeatedly....I was scared shitless(ppl that know me know why) and my man started running down, screaming wtf was going in...and then I heard glass shatter...in my towel(seen that I just had enjoyed shower with my man, before all this started) I was sitting on couch being frightened as shit, hearing my man screaming at who ever was the intruder.Heard him coming back up...and the voice of our neighbour(Morris, he's gay). Seems like he was drunk, not able to unlock front door coz he was so drunk, trying to get Steve(hey, it was 4am!!! and we didn't expect anyone)to open the door, deciding to climb the gate, kicking down the back door of apartment block....and when he had done damage, but soor didn't open, he threw big rock through the window of the door(hence previously mentioned shatter of glass), before Steve was able to get downstairs. I was in bits(people that know me well, know why) crying, shivering like shit. My man had to leave for work (10 minutes ago) and trust me...there is no way I am going to sleep now(it being 4:50am here)...just in case that freak of aneighbour does more shit...like knocking on the door...as he usually does when drunk. Am alone here now....and seriously scared to bits!
May 16th, 2008 at 08:55pm