Victory with a V for Vengeance, hahaha!

Ok people, I think I am prod yo say, that I was able to copy the "Come back to me..." story almost to the last word from my whire A4 refill pad onto, the start of teh new chapter is already there, but thought I kewep that off here for anotehr few days...just coz I am a mean bitch and I like to see ya suffer, haha!
Anyhow, might continue my other story "Do I look like I give a F**k" seen that it is being treated like unwanted step-sister, lol...only 9 chapters to the now 23 of the other one, haha! But hey, not many people reading it anyhow...might resort in copying a story I started writing 2 years ago(still not finished that bugger!) and is at this stage occupying 2 full blown ring folders...narrow ruled paper...hehe...violence, x-rated things and long haired metal people...mwah! Lemnme all know what ya think about that idea!
May 18th, 2008 at 10:37pm